About the Farmland

Located at the gateway to the Berkshires, the farm’s fields and barns were acquired by the Kent Land Trust in order to preserve and protect the rural character and beauty of Kent.

The farm’s soil type, a silt loam, is highly suited to vegetable cultivation. The soil pH is also ideally balanced, unusual in New England, where most soils are acidic and must be limed. That owes to the farm’s location in the Marble Valley—an ancient deposit of marble (compressed limestone) running from Canaan to Ridgefield. Locally, streams feeding the Housatonic River eroded the marble onto the bottomlands, resulting in a natural liming action (saving the farmers a messload of work!).

Our Production Methods

include cover cropping, green manuring, composting, and crop rotation, and are consistent with certified organic standards. Marble Valley Farm adheres to The Farmer’s Pledge, a 19-point plan to promote the sustainability and ethical stewardship of farmlands and farm enterprises.

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